Disabling convention: does the UN CRPD fail to reflect mental health realities?

The publication of the Mental Health Act (MHA) Review has been greeted with consternation by many disability and survivor/user activists and groups. The Interim Report had made it clear that it would not follow the UN Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities’ (UN CRPD) recommendations, and this was confirmed in the Final Report. As Simon Wessely states in his foreword:

“Some will point out that we have not gone as far as to recommend fully implementing the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), or to be precise, how that is interpreted by the Committee charged with its implementation. And they are right. We haven’t.”

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French braids

I’ve had some really bruising and hurtful encounters this week. Reflecting on them, they feel very connected, to me, to being a woman and a feminist, and navigating a profoundly misogynistic world. It’s compounded by being a mother and a feminist. It goes beyond the invisible labour I perform and am expected to perform, the gender roles I am expected (and expect myself) to adhere to, beyond pink and blue toys, beyond the gender pay gap. It goes deep into how we construct motherhood, the constraints we place on the role, the way we glorify it and fetishise it and punish those who do not make the grade.Read More »